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5 Tips for Hosting A Houseguest

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5 Tips for Hosting A Houseguest

This particular post is such fun for me to write. As an avid traveler, I have been to my fair share of hotels and Airbnbs. Coming from the events industry, I watch how others are hospitable and what makes me feel welcomed and at home. Over time, I have taken bits and pieces of my experiences and formed them into my own. The problems that I often like to solve is, how can we streamline and keep costs low. So below are just a few things I have added into my hosting guest’s arsenal that make me look like I’m freaking Martha Stewart.

1.) A Welcome Basket

When I get off the plane or after a long drive there are a few things I crave. WATER and snacks! Upon my guests arriving, I have a little basket with bottled water, snacks, tampons, and a toothbrush. We are always bound to forget our toothbrush, I’m always hungry for a snack, and hydrating is KEY. This little bin doesn’t cost but 5 - 10 bucks and makes your guests feel really welcome

2.) Fresh Flowers

I always put a towel and handtowel with some mini toiletries on their bed and flowers on the night stand. Again, doesn’t have to cost a forture but these touches really say, I thought about you visiting!

3.) Stock the Fridge!

I ALWAYS stock the fridge with sparkling waters, a bottle of wine, and a mini case of beer. I also have a few frozen pizzas and granola bars and some muffins for when me and my guests get to talking and we forget about dinner and are suddenly ravished! This particular tip has come in handy SO MANY TIMES for me!!

4.) Provide the Wifi

Whenever I’m anywhere, I ask for the Wifi and more often than not, my host is scrambling to find it. I always include a cute card on the side table of their bed with the Wifi. 

5.) Provide Extra Blankets

The last thing I ever want to do is tell the host I’m cold at night. I find that having a basket of cozy blankets in the room or living room is critical for when / if your guests need an extra layer!

With love, flowers and a welcome basket


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