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A Guide To Summer Entertaining

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A Guide To Summer Entertaining

Chloe and I (Carly) have put together some tips for our top picks and must-haves when you are hosting! Please enjoy all our favorite pretty finds for hosting your pals this summer in the backyard.


1. Cocktail Glasses + Straws

Cocktails need to be drunk from glassware. Screen Shot 2020-06-05 at 5.11.03 PM.pngPeriod.

Cocktails like good food are an experience that engages multiple senses. Sight, smell, taste. In that order. So make sure you give that cocktail you just spent time and effort creating the glassware it deserves. Plus an added bonus is that glassware is better for the environment! I'm loving the bold lines on this set of collins glassware and they are perfect for fresh summer sods and spritz!

Make sure you check out some ideas for cocktails to fill them up HERE and HERE.

2. Cloth Napkins

Cloth Napkins don't get enough credit. They are prettier than disposable and they help save the planet by not using paper towels or napkins. I have a set of cloth napkins at my house and use them often. They add a sense of luxury without breaking the bank. These are some beautiful cotton dinner napkins that I found on Amazon which I love!

3. Big Ass Salad Bowl

I don't have enough bowls. I seem to never have enough bowls for storage of leftovers, salad, and mixing. Shall I go on? This bowl is great because #1, it's a bowl and also includes salad tongs and you can use the lid as a cutting board for emergency needs. I am ALWAYS needing a bowl with a lid when I bring food to family and friend's homes.


4. Speaker For Beatsjbl_jblflip5whtam_flip_5_waterproof_bluetooth_1482523.jpg

This should go without saying but as an avid music listener and musician, there's got to be a Bluetooth speaker at any of my dinner parties!

See Here.

5. Outdoor seating

Hear me out. This is an investment but man, it's gorgeous. I am in the market for a gorgeous backyard table and chairs and this stuck out to me.

See Here.

7. Fresh Cut Flowers

Shameless plug in 3...2...1...FLOWERS are where it's at. Fresh cut or a plant. Something to bring in some LIFE to a table is something I always make sure I have in my home.

See Here.

8. Bug Repellant

I'm of the blood type where I get eaten alive whenever I go camping or hang outside too long. So it's important to have a citronella candle when guests are over. Keep the swatting and the bites away!

See Here.

9. BBQ

I love this BBQ because it's portable, affordable, and compact. Love the concept of being able to transport this to any surface or location to bring the BBQ vibes!

See Here.

10. Cookbook

I am a cookbook collector. I don't   51NH6c+kAwL._SX364_BO1,204,203,200_.jpg 

collect souvenirs, but I collect cookbooks (and enamel pins - but that is for another conversation). I also love simple, tasty, and veggie-forward meals. I own this cookbook and use it regularly when hosting!

See Here.

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