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Chamomile Gin & Tonic

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Chamomile Gin & Tonic

The classic Gin & Tonic. Rocks glass, ice, clear liquids with bubbles and the bright green lime, these are the making of a wonderful, refreshing beverage.


While most of us associate gin with London, and London has a keen role in the history of the popularity of gin, they are not the original distillers. Some say monks in the 1400s used juniper berries in their distillation of herbal remedies others say gin was the original “Dutch Courage”. It is popular opinion that gin was first distilled in Holland in the 16th century and during the Anglo-Dutch Wars of the 18th century that English sailors came across gin and as one does when they find something they like, we take it home.

And while gin became the top national choice of liquor in England for several years, it wasn’t until Britain colonised India that the Gin and Tonic surfaced. Apparently, English immigrants suffered from malaria and the core ingredient of tonic water, chinchona bark was considered an effective method in testing malaria. The only problem was tonic water is quite bitter due to the presence of quinine. Well just add a little gin, lime, sugar, and ice and ta-da! Tastes much better!

Now you know the history of the G&T, we hope you enjoy our Primary Petals twist with our addition of chamomile ice cubes to add a pretty floral touch to this beautiful beverage.


1 ½  oz Gin


Lime Wheel

Chamomile Flowers for Ice



Prepare Ice Cubes:

1. Create chamomile ice cubes by half-filling an ice cube tray with water.

2. Place in the freezer until semi-frozen.

3. Remove the ice tray from the freezer and place a flower or 2 on the ½ filled cubes. 

4. Fill with water and return to the freezer. 


Make Cocktail

5. Once completely frozen, pop out ice cubes add to a rocks glass.

6. Add Gin

7. Top with tonic water

8. Garnish with Lime Wheel



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