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Fave Practical Tips For Your Tablescape

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Fave Practical Tips For Your Tablescape

If you have followed along for a while now, you know that I have a decade of experience in the events space. That means I’ve set more tables in my short 31 years of life than probably anyone outside of the restaurant industry! In our fast-paced world, the art of setting a proper table can be forgotten and over the years, I have found this to be a relaxing and fun moment for me to design a tablescape and welcome my guests to a dining experience.

Below are 5 practical tips that I have found to be the cornerstone of success when designing and setting a table.


1.) Do NOT Overcrowd The Table

This is the most fundamental issue I have seen when designing a table. I think of the Coco Chanel quote, “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.” I always follow this rule in all of my designs but particularly when I think about designing for a dinner party or an event. Often times, we forget that each set takes up a great deal of real estate. once you add those in, you need to consider flowers/decor, candles, water pitchers, and, if served family-style, you’ll have many platters to consider. Be thoughtful about all that will go onto the tables so you can

2.) You Don’t Have To Break The Bank!

We live in a world of Pinterest-worthy everything and the truth is, most gorgeous images of tables are very expensive for the average person. The best way I know to combat this is to pick one of your favorite items from an inspired tablescape and implement it into yours! Example: Purchase gorgeous linen napkins and pair them with your dinnerware! It elevates the table without killing your pocketbook.

3.) Get Thrifty

Do you realize how much dishware loses its value? Unless we’re talking your grandmother’s bone china, you won’t be able to resell for much. I have browsed the aisles of Goodwill so many times and have found gorgeous stemware and plates for next to nothing. I’m not a thrifter but I will purchase this type of product for themed my themed dinner parties!

4.) Let The Food Do the Talking

It goes without saying, I love cooking. I love visually appealing, farm-fresh food. While I have the advantage of being in the design world, I know this is easy to recreate at your own parties. If you can, snag a few cutting wooden and marble cutting boards (i find cheap ones at Home Goods!) and putting together a meat and cheese board as the centerpiece. It saves on florals and is edible. What more could you want?!


5.) Don’t Overthink It

Listen, if you can’t afford to jazz things up, create from what you have laying around! It doesn’t have to be so magazine-worthy to enjoy a meal with friends. Bring yourself and the biggest amount of love to the table and that will be where real connection happens.

With Love and Flowers and a glass of wine, 



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