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Rose Water Infused French 75

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Rose Water Infused French 75

I am not a huge drinker, but in my dating experience, it comes with the territory. I can label certain types of liquor to the types of guys I have gone out with. One taught me all about whiskey, one taught me all about gin, one taught me that drinking too many White Claws with too much sugar is a terrible idea. I have learned through late nights and laughs what is top shelf and what is not. I have hosted private parties for nearly 600 couples and over the course of those parties, I have learned what guests want to drink and what they don't.

I have also hosted many dinner parties at my house with drinks to compliment the food I've served. So while I am not a heavy drinker, I've been around booze quite a bit. The honest truth is, I drink water like I'm a fish and will rarely pop open a bottle with the exception of a long stressful day. But for the most part, I reserve the drinking for social and curating an experience for others.

So in building two companies, I wanted to share some fun tips with you on how to incorporate flowers into a cocktail. I am a very busy person as I'm sure you are too and this is an easy way to wow your guests and dress up an ordinary drink. It makes you look like you've worked really hard for something with only a couple minutes at your finger tips.

For those that don't know where to get edible flowers, check your local grocer in the herb section. Sprouts is my go-to and it's only a couple bucks or if you're a gardener, forage some from your yard. In this case, I collected some dried roses from a bunch I had at my house and got creative.

Rose Water Infused French 75


1.5 Oz. Gin (we used St. George Gin, we also suggest any gin from Portugese Bend Distilling, LB)
Lemon Wedge
1 Oz. rose water
Elderflower Liquor (we used Bottle Cordial)
Champagne (use any of your favorite)
Dried rose petals or rose buds (for garnish)
Crushed or cubed ice

Supplies Recommended
Bar Spoon with muddler attached
Cocktail kits with strainer, jigger, and shaker
Pretty Coupe Glasses

1. Muddle lemon in shaker
2. Add Gin, Elderflower, rose water, and ice to shaker and shake until frost forms on the outside of the cup
3. Strain liquid into a chilled coupe
4. Top with champagne
5. Garnish with rose petals


I hope you enjoy this cocktail, I know we enjoyed it when we were curating the drink! We, as a team are looking forward to hearing how it tastes for you!

with love, flowers, and a little booze,


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