2019 Gift Guide... Primary Petals Style
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2019 Gift Guide... Primary Petals Style

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2019 Gift Guide... Primary Petals Style

Carly, here. I am so thrilled to be sharing with you today some of my favorite gifts to give and to receive! I am pretty particular with the items I purchase...you see as an entrepreneur, you kind of need to be frugal at every turn. But these are the items I have found are worth the money, affordable enough, and pack a big punch and have long term use!

BalmTrio_02_Product.jpg   Glossier Balm Dotcom - This is such a great product for a number a reason. It smells great, number one (I have the coconut and rose). I use it on my lips, cuticles, and dry skin when I'm in a pinch. Plus their packaging is so cute, too! I love the diverse usability; a perfect item to spend your hard earned cash on. Plus a killer gift for a girlfriend or a stocking stuffer! You can buy yours here!



Hydroflask - Where do I begin with this item! I spent a pretty 45 dollars on this water bottle after a staff member of mine brought hers to a flower install and told me that it kept her water ice cold all day in the heat. I was sold! I love ice water especially in this California weather so I invested in one and I'm telling you, get one if you haven't or gift to a friend. They will love you for it and be extremely hydrated! Buy one here!  hydro-flask-stainless-steel-vacuum-insulated-water-bottle-32-oz-wide-mouth-straw-lid-white.jpg

Now Massage Gift Card - I recently invested in my self care routine for one massage a month. Being a CEO and someone who really gets their hands dirty with the company, I needed a little me time. Each month, I take an hour of time to get a Stretch massage which is helpful for tight muscles and relaxation. I leave feeling rejuvenated and restored from a big month of labor intensive work. A great gift to give anyone who needs to put more 'me' time into their monthly rhythm.

AWAY luggage - Whether you are traveling to visit loved ones or hopping on a plane for a quick business trip, this is hands down the best purchase I've ever Screen Shot 2019-12-03 at 3.51.09 PM.pngmade for myself. This luggage fits 2+ weeks of clothes in the bigger carry on, it rolls over just about any rough surface, and it looks slick. Oh, did I mention, it also has a battery pack in case you need a little charge on your phone? Worth the spend, trust me!


Girl Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis - I was recommended Rachel Hollis' book by my best friend, Sarah. I took her advice and am now a die hard fan girl. Screen Shot 2019-12-03 at 3.57.49 PM.pngRachel's book encourages you to follow your dreams and goals and shares her journey of self empowerment and entrepreneurship. She is a huge inspiration to me and I would gift anyone this book that needs a little encouragement to follow their goals! Get your copy here!

Airpods - If you want to go big, get Airpods! I cannot live without mine! Who doesn't love walking away from their phone on a call or while listening to a podcast to still continue listening to the conversation?! A really great addition to your Apple products and you now can avoid having that headphone cord being ripped out of your head as it catches on the door handle. Trust me, nothing makes me cuss more than that pain. Get some Airpods!

Settle Well Candle - We are all about shopping small here at Primary Petals. My heart for ourPrimary Petals 2-10-2.jpg company is to empower women to pursue their dreams and calling by seeing how we steward ours. Laura is a dear friend of mine from Long Beach. We met and bonded over our love of psychology and creativity. She's an amazing artisan who hand pours cement pots and candles. We love her products so much, we sell them at the shop! Get yours!

Primary Petals Wreath - This wreath has been the best seller this holiday as we have shipped them out all over the country! The items are all dried so this will stay in tact for years to come! It's a great investment into your holiday decor collection and can be used again and again!


3 month Subscription for Primary Petals - I love this gift because it keeps on giving. This is great gift to give a single gal or a new mom. To be remembered not just on Christmas but for months to come is so important. Yes, it's a bit on the spendy side but it is such a good gift to show someone they aren't forgotten about this season and well after! Gift this now!

Calm It Down Spray - Another small business artisan win! Primary_Petals-14.jpgThis really mellows me out when I'm getting overwhelmed. It is made with pure essential oils so you're not dealing with a toxic product in the home. I spray it around my head at work, on my pillow at night, and in my car when I want it to smell so good.

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