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Tools for the Budding Bar Tender

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Tools for the Budding Bar Tender

If you have spent any time hanging out with the Primary Petals Squad online you would know by now that Chloe gets us all on the dance floor at all the parties, not with her killer dance moves but her almost deadly drinks!

Photo by  Logan Cole

Photo by Logan Cole

If you’re interested in trying them out yourself, check out some of our favorite recipes, the Gin Campari Sour and the Grapefruit & Chamomile Paloma!

But like most skill sets the appropriate tools are a necessity. Check out Chloe’s top picks for the budding bartender below! Make sure you share your own floral cocktails with us on Instagram and Facebook!

  1. A jigger - This is the beginning of your bartenders kit. Without accurate measurements, you’re not making a craft cocktail, you’re making punch. At best. So get yourself a clearly marked, easy to handle jigger and USE IT! My personal choice is a Napier Jigger. This stepped design is super clear to read, ensuring accurate measurements. I like that you don’t need to flip it like the Japanese jigger or classic jigger. I have always found them to be messy.

  2. Shaker Tins - Alot of people seem intimidated by shakers. And let’s be real you’re not going to be like the pros at Death & Co or Attaboy the first time you shake a cocktail but! with a little practice all your friends will have faith in your skills and fancy home served cocktails. Your shakers need to be tin. I resisted this for a few years and had the glass and tin combo shaker but it is harder to seal and prevent your drink from spilling as you shake, plus larger and clunkier to use. When you use tin shakers, the cold ice causes the tins to stick together with a tighter seal which can feel difficult when breaking apart but practice is key here!


  3. A Mixing Glass - This is the mixing glass I use. It’s balanced, beautiful and honestly I feel like a bad ass when I use it. Find yourself a mixing glass that ticks your boxes!


  4. Rocks Glass - This is the glass I mostly reach for when serving a cocktail. They are versatile and can hold almost any drink you make. A few recommendations would be this rocks glass with gorgeous modern and soft lines from Crate & Barrel, Or these very classic cut diamond style rocks glass from Kanars.


  5. Coupe Glass - The fancy glass. I always feel super fancy walking around with a coupe! Coupe’s have softer edges, a more round look, not to be confused with martini glasses which are much more angular. You can totally serve a martini in a coupe but it’s not technically correct. As you explore bar tending you will begin to learn that a lot of drinks have the same ingredients but when created and served differently are actually different drinks and they do indeed taste different too. But I LOVE a nice fancy coupe glass so I recommend putting a few in your kitchen for all the sours you’re about to make! Try these lovely curvy edged coupes from Cocktail Kingdom.


  6. Ice Cube Molds - Now cocktails don’t happen without ice. So get yourself set for the party but stocking up on a great selection of ice cube molds. For shaken drinks, this ice cube tray is all you need. Well maybe buy 2, trust me the party ends pretty quickly without ice. For those late night sophisticated moments grab this large cubed ice tray!


  7. Bar Mats - spills happen, so grab some mats to catch those drips and spills that happen to us all! Mats come in a variety of sizes so find the one that suits your needs best. Bar mats are also very helpful in ensuring you have a stable and slip free working space, which is rather important when working with glass and ice and a little booze! I personally like the smaller bar mats as I find them easier to move once they have some liquid sitting in them, and I have a few so I can create a larger work space suited to my personal set up preference.

  8. Stirring Spoon - kinda important to have a stirring spoon for your stirred drinks. Stirring is used when drinks need minimal dilution and you want to achieve a smooth texture to your beverage. Shaking adds air to your cocktail but some drinks like a Manhattan or Martini only need stirring. Most importantly you want a balanced spoon, so you might need to try a few to find one that works best for you! This one has a twisted design and is my go too!


  9. Muddler - Muddlers are super important for drinks that have any kind of crushed fruit, herbs or additional ingredients. For example a Mojito or Mint Julep. These beverages all add flavor through the release of oils in the mint and the way you get that flavor is by crushing the mint with your muddler. Your choice in muddler is purely preference but I prefer the flat bottom style as your less likely to tear the mint or fruit your muddling which is definitely a no no.


  10. Pour Spouts - Pour Spouts are SUPER handy!! They regulate the flow your booze which helps prevent spills and over pouring. Highly recommend this handy little gadgets! Just remember to remove them from your bottles after the party and let me them soak in some warm soapy water. No one wants little fruit flies hanging around the bar and they LOVE the sugar found in your liquor bottles!


The Primary Petals Squad are an honest and loyal bunch so we promise our community that we will only recommend products we either use ourselves or believe in. We are also registered with various affiliate programs and we earn from qualifying purchases.

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