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Let's Talk About Self Worth

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I want to talk about the topic of self-worth. Do you have it? Do you possess it? What is the voice in your head that talks to you daily? For many years, I let self-doubt lead my thoughts. I would believe in myself one second and the next second be completely riddled with doubt and of course, the spiral would happen and I would be depressed really quickly. I would just sit in it way too long and soon that became the way in which I let my mind run my life. I think a lot of you struggle with this. I hear so many women discount themselves with the words they choose to speak out, the comments they make when they look at photos of themselves or when in the mirror getting ready for a fun night out.

I get asked a lot, "how did you start your company" and the truth is, I was totally freaked out. I had a business partner at the time and that person was very encouraging to just risking it all while I was holding on for dear life hoping I wouldn't fail. I had no idea the power that was laying dormant inside of me and the years I wasted worrying about that and the truth is, we only have a VERY SHORT WINDOW of time to do anything in this life. There is a lot of hardship that happened in the last 5 years that I will get into later, but it opened my eyes to how much energy I was wasting going through so much self-doubt.

How have I worked through some of my self-doubt you may ask. Years of therapy, working through my insecurities to understand them, know when to put them on the shelf and operate in freedom and strength. This takes an investment of time and openness to be able to process through traumas, family of origin, etc. The outcome is highly valuable to my ability to move forward as an effective CEO, leader, and woman in a seat of power. This journey has changed my perspective, life, and

I don't want to waste any time because tomorrow is not promised. I want to live fully alive and myself instead of worrying about my appearance or value in society.

With Love and Flowers, 

Carly & the Primary Petals Squad

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