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Women are literally half the planet’s population. Well, 49.6% to be precise. But we give birth to everyone on the planet so I think that counts for something. Women are incredible. We are! It’s kinda mind-blowing! And we’re all so freaking different as well. And I LOVE IT!

I also love that Motherhood is not restricted to just women who have given birth to a sweet babe. Mothering is the act of caring for a child, or person with kindness and providing protection. It is also to give birth or origin too. So I think that covers pretty much all of us.

While I have not had children, I mother my   siblings, my plants, my dog and occasionally even my own mother. I give birth to ideas and creative ventures. I nurture friends. Encourage my husband. These are traits of motherhood. I am a mother!

It is a natural instinct within our female form, to care deeply and protect those we love. And this mother’s day I want to take a moment to acknowledge all the ways that motherhood is expressed and to thank you for the ways you show up and care for those around you.

Thank you. You are amazing. You are changing lives.

One of our core values here at Primary Petals, is to celebrate life. It’s why we have super crazy dance parties, and send beautiful bouquets in super cute boxes all over the nation, it’s also why we talk about the awkward, weird stuff. That is also a real part of living. Sometimes life is painful, It’s miserable and lonely and scary and just simply sucks. And we’re here for those moments too.

So no matter where and how you mother, Mother’s day is for you! Celebrate who you are and all the incredible ways that you bring life to this planet we call home!

With love, flowers and a little mothering,

Chloe and the Primary Petals Squad

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