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2020, It's Going To Be Big!

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2020, It's Going To Be Big!

After I shared a little bit about my story, Chloe asked me to write more about my process of dreaming and developing those dreams into reality and it seems like the perfect time as we hit the new decade of 2020. And as each year comes and goes, I do an evaluation of my goals from the year previous and look ahead to the year before me. Some of my goals include, eating clean, hitting the gym 3 times a week, reading 2 books a week...you know the usual.

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Others were quite audacious: "Be in Forbes" "Have a deal with UPS for nationwide shipping" "Speak to a crowd". The most amazing part of the more simple undertakings to the big seemingly unattainable dreams is, they all truly can become reality! Like how incredible it was to be in Forbes and becoming available to the USA (thanks, UPS)! What a year of goal hitting!

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This year was a year of pure wonder...and I know that not every year will be like this...because not every year has looked this good. I've had my fair share of terrible years. Terrible years in business, terrible years emotionally, and terrible years with my goals. But every year, I get back up and go at it again. I read this quote the other day: "It is not simply business strategies that make a successful CEO but rather the CEO that doesn't stop showing up." I have adopted that as my personal and professional model as we round into the new year.

So I want to know. What are you dreaming about? What are goals that scare you? What is that one thing you want to attack and get ahold this year? Is it to start your own business? Is it to not eat sugar for one meal? Is it to save $10,000?

Our team is excited for the new decade and with that new decade comes a lot of new ways to keep in touch with all that we are doing. You can expect a podcast, Youtube content, and partnering with women in business and helping the greater community through our sales. Of course, I can't drop details on these projects but sign up for our Newsletter and follow us on IG this year for all the updates and information as we release our best year yet.

Our main goal this year is to provide the cutest flowers all across the nation! We, specifically want to hit sales of 100 bouquets a month for 12 consecutive months. Can you help us hit this in 2020?

Share your goals with us and pass along ours. We are in this together with you and hope you will continue you to join us on our journey of crushing goals!

With love, flowers and a Happy New Year,

Carly & the PP Squad

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