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Let Me Introduce Myself

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Let Me Introduce Myself


My name is Carly Williams and if you were to know me many years ago and up until present day, you probably would classify me as a firecracker, a go getter, and a never-giver-upper. Now, those traits have ebbed and flowed over the years but they have always found their way back to me and now, in 2019, those traits have only gotten stronger has I’ve pressed into the calling I feel so deeply as an entrepreneur.











In 2007 I moved from a 18,000 person town of Port Angeles, Washington to pursue Communication at a private college in Southern California. I had little understanding of the Southern California culture and if you are in the dark as I was, let me just say this: money... and money. I grew up in a middle class family, getting anything I wanted honestly...but this type of money and status was another level. It really has taken many years to get my bearings in this type of environment. More on that later...in another blog post.


In 2010 I helped a friend plan her wedding. Read: I was the Maid of Honor and I had time on my hands. There are not many moments in life that truly stick enough to pivot your life, but the hospitality and care for humans that goes into events really struck me and I wondered, what would happen if I started a wedding planning company? I had no idea the first thing but I knew social media...so I started a Facebook page saying I was a wedding planner. Two years later the company incorporated and became official and we were off to the races! No seriously...in 4 months, I quit my day job and went full time. Since that day in 2010, Carly Rae Weddings has produced 300+ events across the globe. It’s been the wildest, most gorgeous ride I could ask for with incredible stories as mementos.

In 2014, the company purchased Primary Petals from a colleague that was founded in 2010. I wanted to pursue a larger company, impact more people, and create more jobs. This is single- handily the best decision I could have made. This company has thrived and produced just as many events as Carly Rae Weddings and now...because I’m a go-getter (see first paragraph), this company has introduced Primary Petals Direct. A direct floral service that ships florals Nationwide. Which, if you’re reading this, you’ll actually know all about it because you’re on the website already. Our heart behind what we do at Primary Petals is to provide an avenue for people to show others they care. I hope you enjoy, pursue your dreams, and know that anything is truly possible.

What you can expect this year for Primary Petals is a whole lot of blooms, a whole lotta blog, and partnerships with local and nationwide businesses and artisans. we are excited to empower you, our reader, with the tools to go after your dreams. To feel seen and that you have a seat at our table and to invite others to sit with us. We are excited for the year ahead and many more to come and are excited you have chosen to join us for the journey as we continue to the write the story of Primary Petals

With love and flowers

Carly & the PP Squad

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