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Things To Do This Summer At Home

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Things To Do This Summer At Home

While we have been stuck at home, we have slowly seen our state of California reopen. If you are reading from another state that has reopened fully use this as a fun, cost-effective, and creative list of things to do this summer.

1. Go camping in your backyard

In our research of places to camp this summer, it's appearing limited. And what's more, fun than to go to the backyard, pitch a tent, grab the air mattress and blankets and snuggle up with a laptop and a movie!

2. Take a hike somewhere

This is something we do often. Get out of the house and burn some energy!

3. Have a neighborhood scavenger hunt in your neighborhood

If you have kids this will be a good one to do for them. We love this idea and know it takes a bit of mental energy to pull off but can have a great reward!

4. Cook Through an Entire Cookbook

This is what Carly has been doing -- cooking like crazy. Her collection of cookbooks is extensive and so right now she is cooking through The Defined Dish Cookbook. Every recipe thus far has been a winner!


5. Start a Bike Brigade With Your Neighbors

Each night after dinner, hop on your bike and ride with your neighbors. It burns energy before bed and helps to breathe that fresh air!

6. Play Lawn Bowling

We are a leisure sports crowd over here and all we've wanted to do is GO BOWLING. you can. CHECK THIS LAWN BOWLING SET OUT!

7. Join a Summer Reading Challenge

We are reading a minimum of two books a month and hope you'll join us too!

8. Have a Dance Party

Throw on some socks and slide on the hardwood floor Risky Business style!

9. Make a list of your favorite movies of all time. Share with friends and ask for their list.

Some of our favorites are: Sound of Music Just Friends Mean Girls Anne of Green Gables 13 going on 30 The Wedding Planner

10. Solve Another Puzzle

This is a favorite past time and brings lots of people in the house together. If you like brain challenges, we'd recommend ordering THIS PUZZLE!

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