Welcome To The Primary Petals Studio
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Welcome To The Primary Petals Studio

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Welcome To The Primary Petals Studio

Today we are here to tour you around our studio and show you the behind the scenes of what we are about here at Primary Petals.

For years, Primary Petals operated as a wedding and private event floral company. Since conception, we have created for big names and even bigger days (weddings). It has been a labor of love as each event was curated and brought from vision to conception. It has included very long hours, early mornings, and late nights. As many of you know, we have added to the family and have brought Primary Petals Direct. We ship one time bouquets to your loved ones over the United States. Think...Proflowers, but prettier! To say it's been a fun time building the company would be a massive understatement.

We, as the Primary Petals Squad wanted to share our studio. It's such an inspiring place to work in every day. It's spunky, functional, and bright! So take a look at the photos and we hope you enjoy the tour!


We have a massive collection of colored vintage glassware that we have placed out and it's so fun to have it all displayed for our viewing pleasure! This glassware is for rent, by the way!

_MG_8195.jpg      _MG_8190.jpg

This Smeg by all intent and purposes is deemed as the, "party fridge" we have lots of wine, beer, and some sparkling water ready for any time of day!

This cozy place has been a great source of dreaming for our team. A place that no one knows about until now. A spot to build a company that is a perfect fit for our team and yet we have big plans to one day say goodbye to this space and build something to house a bigger team and more room for mid-day dance parties. It has been a spot where we have been able to rest but also create moments that have built the culture of this "rebranded" company. Until then, this space is where all the orders are fulfilled to hundreds of our customers nationwide!

Primary_Petals_3-29.jpg     _MG_8179.jpg

We love organization and our friends at Life in Jeneral came in and organized the heck out of this place. There's a spot for everything and anything and we have a shed outside for more storage, too. And if you're wondering, we sourced this drawer set-up from IKEA. From tape to clippers to rags, we can always find anything we need at any moment!

That's it for today! We hope you enjoyed our studio tour and know that when you are ordering flowers for a loved one, it's coming out of this creative space to their doorstep!

with love and flowers,

Carly and the Primary Petals Squad

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