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5 Tips For Surviving The Wedding Planning Process

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5 Tips For Surviving The Wedding Planning Process
It’s no surprise that planning a wedding can be incredibly stressful on a relationship and with family members but fear not! We are here to give you five tips that will help keep you and your loved ones focused on the positive and less on the stressful process of hosting an event!

1. Take a Date Night

Enjoy each other first and foremost. Plan a weekly date night and do not speak about wedding plans at all. You are planning a lifetime, not just a wedding day!

2. Give Family Members Specific Tasks

Many family members just want to be helpful but as a couple that can feel very stressful and overbearing. The best way to combat a ton of questions is to hand over some tasks to those family members that will keep their hands and minds busy!

3.) Hire a Freaking Planner

If you’ve never planned a wedding, hire someone please. Doing it yourself is often the equvalient of trying to build a house without a blueprint. Having someone that has been on this stressful terrain before will take the biggest weight off of your shoulders. Trust us!!

4.) Don’t Procrastinate

So many couples procrastinate and it shows. By planning well in advance, you will be able to pivot your plans if you need to and fix errors along the way. Give yourself time!

5.) Fight First

Something that I recommend always is establish expectations with your partner and family. Be clear in communicating your desires and allow space for the family to express their opinions and expectations. Once you establish where you are headed, you’ll be able to all get to the same destination together.
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