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Tackling Covid-19 like Bosses

Hello Beautiful!

As you are aware, the spread of this virus, COVID - 19 has had a huge impact on our industry and the economy in general. Many events are being postponed or canceled to maintain the health and safety of our communities, as well as the closure of non-essential businesses.

Did you know, floral businesses are considered essential? Due to the large economic impact the closure of the supply chain for flower farmers could have, the government officials have kept this open and going.

So at this point, we are SO happy to continue shipping beautiful arrangements to your home and the homes of those you love. What a fun way to bring joy and happiness to your friends in this weird time of being home-bound.
We also want to mention that the floral industry is having to exercise some serious flexibility with our floral orders/recipes due to the added difficulty that much of the floral products we normally depend on may not be coming in.
While we partner with UPS, we have seen a few delays with the packages arriving. This is VERY rare but has happened. To get ahead of this issue, we want to honor a reshipment to any delayed packages and a 50% discount to any packages that arrive late. We appreciate your flexibility as we have NEVER had an issue in shipping until this global pandemic.

There have been many restrictions placed on imports, and some of the florals we source are from Europe, and Latin America. We will have to focus our energy on local product and anything grown within the US, which is wonderful but could potentially be different than what we usually use. We trust that we will be able to create beautiful florals with this product, we just want to keep everyone in the loop regarding what's going on and would ask some flexibility of you, our sweet clients as well, if we can't provide the product as it is displayed on our site.

For those who have booked weddings and private events with us, we are happy to move ahead as scheduled and we are committed to flowering for you and your event. However, if you do feel like you need to reschedule (due to the government or personal health restrictions/concerns) we are more than happy to honor your deposit and transfer it to a future date.

As of now, we have quite a bit of availability in the Fall and Winter, and even into next Spring. We would be happy to discuss potential postponement date options with you up to 1 calendar year from your originally contracted date.
We do need to ask that you provide us with a final answer regarding postponement at least 3 weeks out from your current event date.

Please feel free to keep this conversation open with us, we are more than happy to have a discussion about this via phone or otherwise, and as always, are happy to answer any questions that we can.

Thank you so much for your time and patience!
With love and flowers 💐
❤️️ The Primary Petals Squad